With approximately 12,500 properties, in4systems’ customer, Magenta Living is the largest Registered Provider of affordable housing in Wirral.  In order to manage their stock viability options using net present value calculations and social impact scoring, Magenta Living has signed up for in4systems’ Options Appraisal solution which they are confident will provide them with a broader strategic approach to active asset management.  This will be used to utilise information ahead of their investment programme next year.

The solution offers the organisation support with its investment programmes as well as in key decision making in relation to sustainability of existing stock and neighbourhoods.  Through Options Appraisal, they will achieve a more effective way of collating data  and will be able to evidence decisions, which is a vital HCA requirement.  Other options can also be identified where processes and costs associated have been evaluated.

When making comparisons against other systems, Magenta Living recognised that the solution provided by in4systems was the best overall to meet their requirements, enabling them to utilise existing information in their existing systems such as real time stock condition costs in Promaster.

Zoe Carmichael, Strategic Asset Manager at Magenta Living commented, “Implementing an active asset management approach to our housing stock was critical for us. We wanted to ensure we understood how our properties were performing on a individual basis.  The Options Appraisal solution was key to the decision making process for our organisation”.

Jayne Elliott, as the in4systems Account Manager for Magenta Living, commented on working with the organisation, “It’s been a pleasure working with Zoe and the team at Magenta. Options Appraisal is a very powerful solution, delivering active asset management”.



Look out for an update on the progress that Magenta Living have made using Options Appraisal, coming soon!