Modern housing businesses are complex and organic. They require the management and coordination of large scale resources servicing high numbers of customers, across a broad range of services with many processes and compliances. This requires adaptability across both housing and commercial activities, dealing with the fundamentals while also coping with ever changing expectations, legislation and economic realities.

As part of its solution portfolio, in4systems is able to offer a comprehensive workforce management solution. It is proven in providing significant benefits and cost savings to organisations that need to schedule a range of personnel including directly employed operatives, partner contractors, surveyors and engineers, housing management staff and staff supporting other business offerings and initiatives.

Designed to interoperate with any appointments based system, the solution dynamically schedules and distributes work based on a range of factors including resource availability, geography skills, task length, to name but a few.

Our workforce management solution is proven in delivering value to housing organisations:

  • Increased workforce productivity and efficiency
  • Direct cost savings
  • Enabling managers to focus on key business requirements (including health and safety)
  • Reduction in ‘no access’ visits
  • Better customer service

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