Mobile technology is now a core part of business operations in the social housing sector.

Business mobility is evolving fast and becoming more mobile can lead to a more agile workforce that’s collaborative, productive offsite and delivers better customer service. People can make informed decisions from almost anywhere whether in the office, out and about or at home.

The result is improved productivity, happier staff and a more collaborative and competitive business that stands out from the competition.

Mobile working is an integral part of Promaster’s capability and all hand-held modules are designed and supported by our in-house development team.

Promaster Mobile 4 enables housing stock data to be collected out in the field and synchronised remotely to achieve genuine mobile working and save hours of manual entry time.


  • Increased efficiencies
  • Platform independent (Windows, Android and IOS devices)
  • Connection independent – not reliant on an internet connection so the user can work in an offline mode
  • Any number of survey designs can be automatically loaded onto the mobile device
  • Survey data validation at point of input
  • No restriction on how devices connect to the database
  • Photographs can be uploaded immediately to the property record
  • Resident information and related alerts are visible

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