in4systems User Group meetings are organised and run by the members themselves with the introduction of a Steering Group.
The Steering Group consists of 13 members of the User Group, including the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Meetings are planned twice a year ahead of User Group meetings and the Group gather to discuss ideas, confirm an agenda and a location for the User Group.

Held twice a year, the User Group meetings are a great opportunity for members to review the existing functionality of in4systems’ solutions, and also to hear from guest speakers presenting relevant material. With representatives from in4systems present, members can benefit from dedicated user query time giving in4systems the chance to explain the use of certain features. They also allow for members to put forward queries which can often be shared by other organisations.

The in4systems User Group provides members with the perfect chance to catch up with other organisations using the system and to share experiences and ideas. These ideas can then be relayed to in4systems with a representative there to provide some insight into how they can be achieved in Promaster and how other users not necessarily present at the session are tackling the problems facing asset managers.

The in4systems User Group welcome you to join them and are confident that their interactive meetings will prove to be beneficial and informative.

Contact the team
Chair – Neil Warne: 
Secretary – Lee Bennett:

To find out more about our User Group meetings please contact the Chair or Secretary via email.